Exercise Every Kid Should Do

Source: A Healthier Michigan

It may sound like a lot, but children are supposed to get at least one hour of exercise every single day. It’s important to keep in mind consistency and variety when exercising. Exercise for kids should be fun and age-appropriate. There are 3 types of activity that kids should partake in:

  1. Aerobic activity — This includes brisk walking, biking, swimming or running. These types of exercise should make up most of the 60 minutes at a moderate to vigorous intensity. Aerobic activity should occur at least three times per week. Moderate intensity, from a scale of 0-10, would be a 5 or 6 (slightly short of breath and with a quickened heart rate), and vigorous intensity would be a 7 or 8.
  2. Muscle strengthening — This includes things like pushups, sit-ups and anything that involves resistance training. Gymnastics and even tug of war would also fall into this category. This should also occur about three times per week as part of the 60 minutes of activity per day.
  3. Bone strengthening — High-impact aerobic types of exercise help strengthen children’s bones. Such exercises would include jumping rope, running, jumping, hopscotch or many sports. Again this should also be incorporated three times per week for part of the 60 minutes.

All of these activities are things that children can do simply by playing outside or even indoors depending on the season.

A Family Affair

Think about ways to play and exercise as a family too. Here are some ideas for things to incorporate with your kids:

  • Bike rides, rollerblading, walks or runs as a family
  • Throwing a ball around
  • Playing tag
  • Play sports games with your kids
  • Turn on music and have a dance party
  • Play active video games as a family