Exercise Every Kid Should Do

Source: A Healthier Michigan

It may sound like a lot, but children are supposed to get at least one hour of exercise every single day. It’s important to keep in mind consistency and variety when exercising. Exercise for kids should be fun and age-appropriate. There ...

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Why Kids Need Exercise

Source: Car Com

Kids needing exercise in their lives is not a newsflash. We've all heard about the positive effects of exercise. Now think about them as they relate to your child. Regular physical activity helps children build healthy bodies and prevent chronic disease...

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10 Reasons Children Should Exercise

Source: Ace Fitness

In the past parents worried more about their children being home by the time the street lights came on then whether or not they got the recommended amount of daily activity. Today parents are advised to monitor their children’s body mass index (he...

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10 Benefits of Physical Activity

Source: Parents

When many people decide to "get fit," they assume it involves rigorous activity. But you don't have to spend hours in a gym to be physically active. People can get in shape by performing everyday activities in the home. Every time you and your child thr...

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Benefits of Exercise for Children

Source: Take the Magic Step

Get-up and Go!

Our children are our future—understanding and supporting their natural yearning for physical activity will help lead them to a lifetime of happy and healthy living. If we joyfully teach them how to include healthy exercise...

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Kids and Exercise

Source: Kids Health

When most adults think about exercise, they imagine working out in the gym, running on a treadmill, or lifting weights.

But for kids, exercise means playing and being physically active. Kids exercise when they have gym class at school, du...

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The Effects of Technology on Children

Source: Child Alert

Some young people can get highly hung-up on the extremes of continuous contact - the mobile phone offers either no contact or too much contact - possibly even unwanted contact. Stress can be caused by both sender's and r...

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Disadvantages of Playing Video Games

Source: Essay WOW

Video games are a part of today’s modern world. If you look around you, everyone is playing a video game. The father and son having a coffee and a milkshake are too busy playing video games to communicate. The teenager who is struggling in schoo...

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The Disadvantages of Video Game Addiction

Source: Internet Addiction Resource

When it comes to video game addiction, what are the disadvantages? Obviously this sounds like a ridiculous question. If something is considered an addiction isn’t it often associated as a negative? Does this association itself make it a disadvanta...

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